Who We Are

Catbuddy is pet sitting for cats only. Created by cat lovers to help cat parents find the right, trusted, sitter for their special household members. We’re here to ensure your cats stay cared for in their safe home environment and continue their independent life while you’re away on vacation or work.

We strive and focus on every cat’s needs like they are our own! Currently cuddling cats in NYC, Los Angeles and Miami.

cat licking lips looking at food

Our Passion

Whether your cat is an introvert or extrovert, Catbuddy has the knowledge and experience to handle most.

We create a stimulating in-home environment by sticking to feeding routines to keep anxiety to a minimum and provide lots of play for the active, energy filled furballs. For those cats that prefer their space and privacy, we respect that too. Our personalized care makes us stand-out from the rest.

Our Executive Catbuddy Team

Catbuddy is a collaboration and purr-suit of three lifelong cat lovers that truly care about the welfare of every single cat in the world. Our shared favorite motto is “Saving one cat will not change the world, but for that one cat the world will change forever”.

Illustration of Yara M.

Yara M.

Cat parent of six


My name is Yara and I am one of the co-founder’s of Catbuddy. My love for animals and in specific cats, began at a very early age. There hasn’t been a time in my life when pets weren’t a part of it. Cats are my passion! Today I am a proud pet parent to Pepper, a female cat rescued from a local shelter in Miami and 5 feral cats. They are my heart and soul and have me wrapped around their little paws.

My days with cats and dogs is the ultimate hobby. I have fostered more than a dozen homeless cats that now have loving, forever homes; a new paw on life. Fostering cats was the most life-fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. I watched them come into rescue sad, lost, hurting and just wanting to be loved. With loving care, patience and medical attention they blossomed, regaining faith in their human counterparts.

They say, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

My life-long love of animals and deep desire to see traveling parents have the peace of mind that their pets are safe and sound is what drives my focus @ Catbuddy.com 

Illustration of Ross E.

Ross E.

Cat brother to Gigi

Raised in a household that adored cats, I’ve had the grace and pleasure of being around these beings with their special souls most of my life. They’ve all had their quirks, their differing personal habits but above all they are simply the greatest animal to allow you in. When you allow a cat’s life into yours, the rewards are endless.

With my background in film marketing, collaborating with Yara and Jodi has been a rewarding mission that is a joy to see grow. Having traveled a lot for work, I understand the need we have, as cat parents, to know our little furry family members are taken care of properly.

If we can help even a handful of cats get their daily treats, feel safe, healthy and comfortable then it’s been worth it. But of course, we want to be there for as many cats as we can.

Illustration of Yara M.

Jodi K.

Cat parent to Harley


My name is Jodi and my love for cats started at the age of 5 when my mom took me to the local animal rescue center to adopt Hershey, my very own Siamese kitty. Throughout my life I was lucky enough to have grown up with various pets. My mom was influential in teaching me how to love and care for animals especially cats, and read their body language.

Aside from always owning cats, I was also lucky to have raised many Guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, geckos and a bird. Today, I share my apartment as a cat mom to a 16-year-old black rescue, named Harley.

I had been cat sitting as a side job for about 3 years before Covid hit. March 2020, my full-time work which was in ticketing, hospitality and live events came to a screeching halt. With the change of the world, I reevaluated my priorities and decided to follow my true passion which is caring for animals, specifically cats. I joined forces with my partner Yara who had the same passion and Catbuddy was born.

Today, Catbuddy has been growing in the NYC tri-state area, Los Angeles and Miami. I enjoy meeting new people and their pets. Some consider me somewhat of a cat whisperer as I can even get the shyest of kitties to come out and say hello. I thoroughly enjoy cat sitting for other cat parents and love making their cats feel at home when they can’t be there. My goal is to keep all cats happy, healthy and cuddled until their owners can come home to greet them again.

What We Do

While you’re away. We’ll feed and play.

Personalized Cat Sitting

We understand every cat is different and opposite of dogs when it comes to being taken care of properly. Let us know what special need your cats require and we will make sure to go over and beyond.

Drop In Cat Sitting

All our Catbuddies are true cat people with knowledge and experience to care for your precious feline. We offer 20, 30, 45 and 90 minute visits. Please visit our packages under Services.