Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Still can’t find the information you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your question.

General Questions

What is Catbuddy?

Catbuddy is a cat sitting company owned and operated by cat parents who are cat lovers and cat enthusiasts. We take our cat sitting business very serious and every single Catbuddy in our network too. Catbuddy sitters truly know the needs of cats on a daily basis. We make sure every cat in our care has lots of attention, fresh water, feed and a clean litter box.

We don’t believe in boarding cats as its incredibly nerve wreaking for the cat and their parents. Cats like to be in their own comfort and routine, that’s why Catbuddy is your local and trusted cat sitter while you’re away. We can come into your home or office and make sure your precious feline is happy and healthy.

Catbuddy is insured and bonded and we continually educate ourselves in the care of cats.

Please visit this link for more information Catbuddy is your cat’s new extended family.

What services does Catbuddy offer?

We offer a variety of services depending on your specific cats needs. Please refer to our city packages located under Services.

* Please note: if you are going to be away for consecutive days, we do require our cat sitters to check in on your pet every day. Having your pet sitter visit when away is important because if there happens to be an issue it will be dealt with immediately. Anything can happen when pets are left alone—and cats are no exception. From an unexpected health issue to potential home damages from a cat accidentally loosening a water hose behind a washing machine, not checking on a cat daily while the owner is away can have costly—or tragic—consequences.

What are your hours of operation?

You can reach our offices, per city location:

Office hours for NYC:
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 9am-5pm 

Office hours for Los Angeles:
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 10am-5pm

Office hours for Miami:
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 10am-5pm

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes. Catbuddy and all of our Catbuddy sitters are covered through Business Insurers of the Carolinas, a highly recommended service by Pet Sitters International. All policies are customized towards specific pet service needs.

How do I sign up?

Creating an account is a breeze. Click on Book a Catbuddy on the homepage or on the Book link located in each individual package under Services.

You will be re-directed to our booking portal to set up your complimentary Meet & Greet and create your special pet’s profile. A Catbuddy specialist will be contact shortly after to schedule your Meet & Greet. Once completed you can log back in to schedule your Catbuddy Sitter. You can also download the WebApp by following a brief video instruction located in Web App link in If you would prefer, a Catbuddy specialist can walk you through the process. Please call our offices during business hours or email us at

What is your key policy?

  1. We require one (1) working set of keys at the time of the meet and greet of you plan to book. If you live in a gated community, you must provide a gate card, remote or appropriate access codes. We will not access your apartment/condo via a leasing office or by following someone through the gate.
  2. If you live in a doorman building, keys may be left with a full-time concierge where they should be easily accessible from the doorman. Please make sure your Catbuddy sitter’s name is on the list of people that can enter the apartment when you are not there to attend.
  3. There will be a $15 dollar charge for us to pick up / drop off keys at any other time than the meet and greet if applicable.
  4. NO KEYS will be mailed by regular mail, hidden outside or locked in homes on last visits. Should keys become unusable, the lock malfunction, Client fails to leave a key or for any other reasons beyond Catbuddy’s control, Catbuddy LLC and Cat Sitters have authorization to employ the services of a locksmith to gain entry to a Client’s home on Client’s behalf. Client will be responsible for all expenses incurred and will reimburse Catbuddy with the credit card on file.

What if I have an alarm system?

We must have the alarm codes, password, and alarm company name and phone number in our secure online reservation system. If we do not have this information in our system, we will not be responsible for any false alarms. Alarms must be in good working condition with no numbers sticking or not working properly.

Billing Questions

What are your rates?

Prices for our services depend on many factors and the package you have selected. Go to Book a Catbuddy and select your city to view specific pricing.

What are the different payment options?

We accept payment in form of Credit Card or Debit card, ACH or cash apps. All payment must be received in full before the start of any visit.

When will I be charge for a service?

Your card is charged at the time of booking, similar to reserving a flight. Catbuddy holds onto the funds and releases payment to your Catbuddy sitter five days after the service is complete.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Visits cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged the rate of one visit. Visits cancelled with at least 48 hours’ notice will result in a credit applied to future pet sitting visits. No refunds will be given.

Overnight Visits-you must provide a 7-day notice from the start of the appointment to cancel any or all overnight visits. No credits or refunds will be given if overnights are cancelled after the 7-day notice period from the start of the appointment.

Holiday Cancellation Policy

All reservations over the holiday periods require a 7 day cancellation notice prior to the start of service. No credits or refunds will be given if visits are cancelled within an appointment without a 7 day notice from the start of that appointment.

Our Holidays are: New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.

Credits given as a result of cancelling with required notice will be held on account for 6 months. After 6 months, the credit will no longer be available.


COVID-19 Precautions

Catbuddy and the entire team care about the health of you and your fur babies.

With the current environment, Catbuddy is prepared to navigate these challenging circumstances with health and safety in mind. We follow protocols and use good hygiene practices during covid-19 to help prevent the spread of the virus. We have comprised a recommended safety checklist below.

  • Scheduling Meet & Greet with your Catbuddy via Zoom, FaceTime or Whatsapp.
  • Scheduling in-person Meet & Greet with your Catbuddy wearing a face mask and having sanitized hands.
  • The key exchange will be coordinated by you and the Catbuddy sitter. We recommend leaving the key in a secured secret place, in person or renting a lockbox.
  • All our Catbuddy sitters will arrive wearing face masks and sanitized hands.
  • Catbuddy sitters will wash their hands between visits, before and after touching any pets and before and after touching any surface in the home.

If you have any questions or concerns about how Catbuddy and team are doing their best to keep you, your pets, and themselves safe, please contact us at

Service Questions

What will my pets get every visit?

Visits include providing fresh food and water, cat accidents, cleaning bowls, removing waste and tidying up litter box area, report card and of course, cuddles and play. You can book longer visits for more play and cuddle time, and if your cat has special needs, we’re able to give medication (both oral and topical). Also, if requested we will water your plants, bring in the mail and turn lights on/off. Please see our packages under Services.

After I book a time, what happens next?

One of our Catbuddy specialists will contact you within 90 minutes of the booking via email or phone.

What areas do you service?

We currently offer services in many New York City, Los Angeles and Miami neighborhoods, and will be expanding to other cities soon. Don’t see your area listed? Reach out to us and just ask. We might already have a Catbuddy sitter in your neighborhood.

Shared Responsibility

Catbuddy has a No Shared Responsibility Policy in order to comply with our insurance policy (no exceptions will be made). This means no other person should share pet care responsibilities (i.e. feeding, medicating, etc.). Client agrees to provide a list of all individuals/companies who have access to the premises while client is away (i.e. house cleaning service, painters, landscapers, friends, family members, etc.). Catbuddy cannot be held responsible for the acts of others that are allowed in and out of the home during the service period.

What if I have a dog that also requires a sitter while Catbuddy is caring for my cat?

Catbuddy sitters Loves all animals. We will happily take on different pets while sitting, on a case by case basis.

Dog sitting is when your dog stays in the comfort of your own home. Your Catbuddy sitter will keep your dog company and take care of them during the day; including feeding them, taking them out for regular bathroom breaks, and having playtime. Our dog sitting fees are similar to cats with dog walking starting at $18, but depending on the length of the walk and the area you are requesting your walk in, the rates could be higher. Please email for set pricing and availability.

My cat is pretty picky can you come at a certain time of the day?

Yes. At Catbuddy we try to accommodate all of your cats need. We let you book time slots in two (2) hour windows starting at 9am EST through 7 pm EST. If you have an extenuating circumstance, we will try to work with you.

Will I get a Meet & Greet with the pet sitter looking after my pet?

Absolutely, yes! During the meet and greet the specific Catbuddy sitter will come to your home if you so desire or e-meet through a virtual platform (i.e. ZOOM, Whatsapp, Facetime).

At that time, you can introduce the Catbuddy sitter to your pet(s) and go through any specifics that are important to make your cat feel safe during your time away. Key exchanges will take place during the in-person Meet & Greet or we can rent you a lockbox for a small fee and two copies can be left this way.

* We do encourage Meet & Greets with your Catbuddy sitter via Facetime, Zoom or Whatsapp, following Covid-19 Safety Guidelines. We can discuss the key exchange at this time.

Do I need to prepare for the Meet & Greet?

There is nothing formal that you need to do to meet your Catbuddy sitter. However, it is always a good idea to have a contact number for your vet or a reliable emergency contact in place where your Catbuddy sitter can easily get in contact with, if needed. Also, provide a good working copy of your key for the initial exchange if booking a Catbuddy.

Hotel Visits

Are you traveling to the area, or have family coming in from out of town with their pets? We have assisted plenty of clients staying in pet-friendly hotels while on vacation, on an extended stay, or local event. Rest easy, and know that while you’re out exploring, having dinner with friends, or just need a little bit of time away, we can drop in on your hotel room and give your cat the attention and care a Catbuddy sitter can.

Should I tip my sitter?

While tipping is not necessary our staff appreciate receiving a tip for a job well done. Catbuddy sitters are given 100% of the tips they earn. You can add the tip at the end of your booking.

How do I leave a review for my sitter after a stay?

Our enhanced booking software will prompt you to leave a review once the sitter has completed their Catbuddy duties.

Do you have a vet to call on in an emergency?

Prior to taking care of your pet we will get information from you regarding what to do in an emergency, including the name and contact information for your personal veterinarian. If you don’t have a veterinarian, we invite you to consider one of our highly recommended cat doctors in the area. For more information, please email

May I check on my pet while I'm away?

Yes, we can offer daily report cards, photos and/or email and phone updates.